Thursday 26th March - Thursday 25th June



In a world defined by accelerating change and wicked problems, how we as leaders connect, communicate and inspire those we serve in our organisations will matter more than how work is done. As a leader, you have the privilege to either improve the world or worsen it. And, whether or not you consciously choose to, you will accomplish one or the other. Personal and business value are created from the human spirit.  

SPIRIT equips leaders with the tools and confidence to reshape how they think and work. To help each other to help each other to be better and do better. To realise human potential, enhance wellbeing and engagement and release creativity and innovation. Welcoming humanness back in to business is not just a good commercial idea, it’s an imperative for our time. 


The 6 half-day SPIRIT workshops provide learning for leaders to think in new ways, change behaviour and thereby improve wellbeing, engagement, performance and productivity as human metrics in their teams and organisations.  

True leadership requires a level of personal transformation on the continuum of self, spirit, and service.The future lies in developing our people – not just hands, but heads and hearts as well – and the humanisation of work.  

INSPIRE Thursday 26th March 2020  

Lead with Authenticity, EQ and Purpose to Inspire. 

ENGAGE Thursday 23rd April 2020  

Engage with neroleadership science to light fires not fight fires. 

INFLUENCE Thursday 14th May 2020  

Enhance leader communication skills and personal brand to influnece and motivate.  

PERFORM Thursday 28th May 2020  

Boost performance through coaching, feedback, performance development and conflict resolution skills.

EMPOWER Thursday 11th June 2020 

Build effective teams with strategies for enhancing cohesion and change mastery.

EMBOLDEN Thursday 25th June 2020 

Connect then lead through a culture of courage and leader conversations.

SPIRIT will give you: 

  • Time to reflect, introspect and plan.
  • An individualised Personal Branding and Leadership Development action plan.
  • Confidence to conduct and plan conversations about challenging topics.
  • Skills in emotional intelligence, leadership communications and performance enhancement.
  • Wellbeing, energy management and resilience techniques.
  • Mastery of change mangement principles. 
  • Opportunities to collaborate, share and connect with like-minded professionals.

About Sam Young 

Sam brings a unique combination of senior management and commercial experience, psychological intervention skills and Masters-level formal education in both business and psychology to her clinical, training, coaching and consulting work. Sam is a highly sought after facilitator and public speaker nationally and delivers training to hundreds of employees and managers every year. 

SPIRIT has been designed by Sam to incorporates the latest in psychological research, leadership theory and neuroscience using adult learning principles and over a decade of observing common challenges facing managers in private and public sector organisations. Sam knows what works to achieve durable behaviour change and practical results. Small groups facilitate powerful shared learning and networking experiences and content is supported by a comprehensive learning resource.


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Where: The Tower Room, The Lion Hotel 

When: 9am - 1pm, Thursday 26th March - Thursday 25th June

Parking: Secure parking behind The Lion Hotel

Included: All workbooks, materials and morning tea  

Price: $2394.00 + GST